Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mackenzie Year 2- Photography Post

I had the opportunity to photograph Mackenzie's 2nd birthday! It was so fun, and her mom (Courtney) made it so easy to photograph! She set up everything so cute and it fit the theme perfectly! (Fairies). I decided to go with the birthday theme in a few so i added some "Pixie Dust" to her wings!
Here are some of my favorites! Please click on my photography link to see more!

1 year old

2 years old

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Outfit Post- Sweet Peach Blazer

Ever since my wedding I've had an obsession with anything that comes a shade close to the colors peach & mint. As Andy and I were walking around TJMAXX one day before our dinner date, I spotted this Peachy colored sweet blazer in the clearance rack. Of course two of my favorite things "peach" and "clearance rack". I knew I had to get it, specially since it was only $15.99.
One of the many reasons why I love this sweet blazer is because you can style it multiple ways! In this outfit post I am wearing it with a simple white tank and grey jeans. You can definitely make any simple/ ordinary outfit pop and stand out when you add a colored blazer to it!

 Check out my sweet friend Jackie's blog to see how she styled a Zara blazer with an all white outfit!

{outfit details}
 Peach Blazer: TJMAXX
Grey Jeans: TJMAXX
       Tank: Old Navy
      Shoes: Kelly & Katie (from DSW)
       Hair Band: old

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Sunday, July 28, 2013


My very beautiful and smart friend (Meli) is going away to Law School this upcoming week!!  Last week as we were all hanging out we decided that we should have a goodbye party/craft night. Of course, I volunteered to plan the whole event! Andy knows how crazy I become when I plan things! Lucky for him he was away for three days so he missed it! haha

I took this craft night event very seriously! It took me days and hours to plan, organize, and buy everything. I truly enjoyed the whole process!

After a lot of research and planning I decided that the craft for the night would be tissue paper garlands. I had seen them around Instagram,blogs, and Pinterest for quite a while! The materials were very easy to find, it was not very time consuming (for the most part) and I figured it would look adorable in Meli's new apartment!

I am not going to explain step by step how we did these because we just used the HGTV blog as a guide! I recommend using that website as well! At the end of my blog post I will write where I got all my materials! The only step we changed was instead of using hot glue to keep together each tassel, we decided to use small hair rubber bands to tie them together.

Here are some pictures from the night! You can check out some more videos and images here -> #TheFunCraftEvent

Strawberry & Cream Cheese Frosting

Take home bags- which included scratch and sniff stickers,
a ring pop, and ice cream flavored bubbles.

Mason Jars with Handles for drinks

Bows for each guest

Picnic Basket with all the supplies
So Fun!
Cute Napkins ($1 at TjMaxx)

Final Product

Final Product

We will miss you Meli!

{All photos above were taken with an iPhone/Ipad} 

Can't wait till the next #TheFunCraftEvent!

I have yet to find the perfect spot in my house for my garland! But I just love how it looks hung up!

 Tissue Paper & Colored Twine: TJMAXX
         Silver Ribbon: Dollar Tree





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Friday, July 19, 2013

Create & Cultivate Tee-Outfit Post

As you can see, I adore this watermelon skirt! I got it at TJ MAXX for $7.99! You can match it with any tee, including this Create & Cultivate shirt.
Andy started designing his own shirts and this is the first one we got printed! You can check out the website here and buy one for yourself! You can wear it with anything + it's super comfy!
{Click here to see another way to style this shirt}


{outfit details}
 Skirt: TJMAXX
       Shirt: Create & Cultivate
      Shoes: Steve Madden (from Nordstrom Rack)
       Hair Turban: Simply Lively