Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Best of SimplyLively 2013

It's finally the last day of 2013! I am beyond excited with all the adventures God blessed me with this year. Although I began this blog about 2 years ago, this is the first year I really put a lot of time, effort, and love into it.
I don't think I am exactly where I want to be, but i am sure proud of everything i've done this past year. I have truly gotten better with photography, outfits, and meeting new people.
I really stepped out of my comfort zone this year, and because I did so...i was able to experience things I otherwise would have missed out on. 
I can't wait till this upcoming year.
I hope & pray that in 2014, I can continue getting better in photography and hopefully take my blogging into the next level. I really want to do more outfit & DIY posts.
My general goals are to someday have a photograph in a photography magazine/blog and have an outfit pic featured in a published magazine. Who knows! Maybe this new year!
What are your goals?
Here are my top pictures from 2013. 

My top 8 Lifestyle Photographs

My top 4 Outfits

Favorite outfit of 2013

Favorite photo adventure of 2013

Till next year friends! <3

Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

Photography Post: Meyer's Family

I kinda met the Meyer's family at another birthday party I was photographing. Right away, I was attracted by the family's sense of style and togetherness. When I got an email from Kim, telling me she had triplets, I knew right away who they were! 
This adventure was so fun! It was my first time doing three kids at the same time, but I absolutely loved it. Andy and I made them run, spin, and laugh...we truly had a great time!
Thank you Meyer's family for allowing us to hang out with your awesome family!

Here are some of my favorites! Want to see more? Check out my photography page

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Self-Portrait Project V

I am so happy I got to do a self-portrait when we were exploring the smoky mountains. It was quick and I didn't have much time to adjust the gorilla pod or anything because the sun was setting and the bears were coming out, but fun nonetheless.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tennessee 1

Tomorrow is our last full day in Tennessee, and I am pretty sad to say goodbye to such an awesome city (Knoxville) and specially sad to say goodbye to Andy's sweet family.
We've had a great time so far. From trying local coffee, to thrifting, and adventuring into forests, only to find spectacular views. What an amazing time.
Here are some iPhone pics we've taken so far. If you want to follow our adventures, check out our Instagrams @simplylively & @andyryanflores.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

One Year Anniversary

I can't believe it's been one year already. Our wedding took so much planning and making(DIY-ing haha), that looking back I wouldn't change anything. I wouldn't change the hours I spent making my bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets, I wouldn't change the amount of time it took to wrap up 100 little confetti bags, and I wouldn't change how long it took to hand dye each strip of fabric for the photo booth. Everything was delicately handmade by Andy and I. Spending countless hours together and talking about our dream wedding.
It was perfect. I remember talking with andy after the wedding, and just being so satisfied and happy with everything, it's one of those moments I will always cherish.
Okay, enough about the wedding...because what's truly important is what comes after the wedding, the marriage.
Andy and I have learned so much about life, patience, and most importantly unconditional love. Although there have been tough times, the first year married was so fun. We laughed, adventured, and learned. I am so thankful for Andy's love. He has loved me in the fun times and the rough times. He has hugged me when I was feeling down, he has served me when I felt sick, and has taken billions of pictures for me, and only complained a couple of times...really! I am looking forward to year #2 because we now know each other so much more. We know how each other reacts, and what the other person needs. Right now as I sit here, in Tennessee, I am so grateful at how far we've come as individuals and as one.
Love you Andy. Here's to starting our second year!

These are some of my favorite pictures from our wedding (low quality because they are mobile size)

And I encourage you to look at our wedding video!

Our Wedding Video

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our First Christmas Tree

What a fun time!
Andy and I are getting close to celebrating our one year anniversary already!
We just bought and decorated our first christmas tree.
I really wanted a real christmas tree for our first "home" but since we are leaving on vacation next weekend, and we will be gone for 10 days, it felt like it would be sitting there and die by the time we got back home.
So, as we were shopping on black friday, I saw a fake Christmas tree at a "Dollar Spot" at the mall. It was only $15.99 and it was 6ft tall!
Right there and then I decided that this would be best for us this year! And it was cheaper than a real tree.
I bought some ornaments there too! 9 ornaments for $1. What a deal! ;)
Then, we went to target and bought the start topper for $5! and a few other ornaments at $3 each.
We put christmas music on and decorated our first tree.
Very fun experience to share with Andy.
Is your Christmas tree up yet? You better hurry! 

My coworker Caro, gave me this very special ornament for my birthday! I love it and happy it's finally hanging! Thanks Caro!